Imperium Nonus


The Imperium Nonus, also known in southern lands as the Aegis of the Nine, is a conclave of wizards formed during the Age of Might by Osharius, Archidamius’ first apprentice. For many centuries the primary focus of the conclave was securing and unraveling the secrets in The Liber Malificar. After The Withering, however, they extended their focus in maintaining a tight hold of magical study and the containment or destruction of non-wizard magic-users such as sorcerers and warlocks.

The Imperium is notorious for their secretive nature, likely in part due to masking their own activities from superstitious people who might misinterpret those activities . . . or because their activities are truly worthy of that fear. In either case, the Imperium does not tolerate magic being practiced by those who are not folded into their order, which often brings them at odds with other factions, hedge wizards, or “renegade” magicians the Imperium refers to as caitiffs.

The Imperium deals with caitiffs in different ways. Those who are deemed insignificant (such as hedge wizards) or unpopular (such as warlocks) are generally dealt with through execution—usually arranging such things through local law enforcement or through a third party, such as an assassin’s guild. For those with greater amounts of power or political influence, the Imperium attempts to capture them to perform the Ritual of Avulsion, the complete removal of the magic-users ties to the Gloam. This is a popular method with sorcerers whom the Imperium acknowledges come upon their powers through no choice of their own and who cannot be safely recruited into the organization’s ranks.


Little is known about the internal organization of the Imperium Nonus outside that it is ruled by nine archmages, each one a master of their particular circle of power as outlined in the Liber Malificar. The archmages are ranked according to the circle they oversee, with the First Archmage being the lowest-ranked and the Ninth Archmage the highest-ranked. The identity of these archmages tends not to be common knowledge though in some cases with the lower-ranked archmages who often serve as diplomats for the organization, their identities are something of an open secret.

The Imperium often maintains a stronghold in most geographic regions of northern Thune, each manned by a handful of wizards. These strongholds are often situated in large cities, their cosmopolitan nature more tolerant of the wizards’ presence than more rural areas. The most well-known exception to this is Ralach Tor, the main stronghold of the Imperium and the home of the Liber Malificar located in the remote hinterlands of Estelgard.

Imperium Nonus

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